Upon graduating from the University of Exeter with a BA in Business and Management with international study Charlotte has endeavored to pursue a career in the event management industry in Bangkok. Since moving to Thailand in July 2016 she has gained substantial experience in client and event based project managing, and in content and media creation. Working particularly but not exclusively within the entertainment and music industry.

She has corporate with various brand and scale hotels to gain and learn about hospitality management structure. Start the first step in hospitality industry with one of the luxury brand as Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Thailand, Best Western Hotels and
Resorts Asia, Accor Group. Also work as Freelance as a consult for hotel and resort, restaurants and bars and marketing relevant for property business liked Raimon Land. Some other skills are event organizer for a project of Tourism of Thailand in China. Not only hospitality but food and beverage industry is also a big part of her major experience. She is working with a Michelin Star chef as a representative in Asia.

With all above company list, made her media relation grow wider than Thailand base but it covers to international contact in
different market.

Also be a part of Tourism of Thailand-Benelux (western Europe: Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg) in a TV program to
promote Thailand as a TV co-host which on air in Belgium and France.

Siriporn graduated from Bachelor or Art from Bangkok University, English and Hotel Management major.