QC Communications commits to delivering only the best in class services across the arrays of communications focusing on the unique market segments of lifestyle, music, hospitality, tourism, technology, entertainment and nightlife projects and clients.

We recognized the market’s needs for specialized communicators to connect the dots between all compartments of what makes a successful and memorable entertainment and lifestyle experience for the end audience.

QC Integrated Communications department is an extended business from QC Human Resources, Organizational and Talent Development consultancy. The company now also integrates Corporate Communications, Branding, Marketing, Public Relations, Content Creation, Media Relations, Events Planning – Organization and Management, and Influencer, Celebrity and Artist booking agency, Management and Representation.


This section of the business consists of team members from different continents across the world, with a local base in Bangkok, Thailand and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The team has over 15 years of experience, spanning across a wide range of different industries including music and entertainment, hospitality, finance, lifestyle, F&B, fashion, technology, charity and many more. Not to mention an unparalleled knowledge of markets and audiences across Asia Pacific, North America and Europe.