Tanaporn (Fai) has more than 7 years of experience working in marketing, public relations and  media relations. She has extensive experience in communications skills, corporate communications in various industries; hospitality, tourism, IT, FMCG, entertainment and more. Her recent major accounts includes various industries both local and international clients; Ericsson, Hotels.com, and Nikon. Tanaporn handles many accounts that required input and creativity in terms of engaging with traditional and digital media in local market. Also, has ability to build relationships with bloggers and micro online influencers to generate online conversation and maximize user’s generated content in online platform.

Once a creative at broadcasting industry, Tanaporn was responsible in content creation and production, working in the entertainment industry has given the opportunity to build strong relationship with entertainment and lifestyle media. Following this, her position as PR specialist assistant/ product manager has granted her the chance to create and implement strategic plans for FMCG industry.

Tanaporn graduated from the Faculty of Communication Art, Chulalongkorn University, majoring in Broadcasting, minoring in Film. Moreover, Tanaporn spent half- a-year in Korea pursuing a master degree in Korean Study at Seoul National University.