Music genre
Happy-Ibiza- summer-type house, tech house and techno.

Who are they
Nicolas Romero and Jon Macias.

About them
Hailing from Madrid with backgrounds in sound engineering (Romero) and record labels (Macias), the pair started off in
Bangkok back in 2016 with the monthly day-time “Blast Pool Series.” Since then, they’ve booked international names like Miguel Bastida, Simone Liberali, Anthony Attala and Bassel Darwish, while also supporting Southeast Asian DJs like Otherkind & Obadius from Kuala Lumpur and Angga, Reno and Apsara from Jakarta, setting Blast! apart from your typical Bangkok pool party.

The struggles
“We come from Europe, where the music scene and the crowd are totally different. I think the hardest thing about starting from the beginning was to understand the Thai crowd
and Bangkok music culture,” says Romero. “Taking care of the brand and getting recognition and respect from the Bangkok community is another hard thing,” says Macias.

Next party
End of Oct with an Italian tech house DJ duo coming to Glow.

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